Terms and Conditions

Attribution: .YT is open to individuals over 18 years old and organizations that reside in the European Economic Area or in Switzerland, (Owner and administrative contact).

Individuals must indicate their information of birth.
organizations fill out the company identification fields (VAT number, SIREN, WALDEC, DUNS, etc.) as this will facilitate any verification that AFNIC might perform at a later date.

The same eligibility conditions apply to the administrative contact

For non-residents, Reseller.YT offers its trustee or local contact service, which allows everyone to register a .YT domain.

Syntax: from 3 to 63 alphanumeric characters or hyphen (other than in the first or last place)
IDN (accented domain names): yes
Registration period: 1 to 10 years
Subdomains: no
Whois privacy: yes, by the Registry for natural persons

Registrant (REQUIRED) Address in EU.
Administrative (REQUIRED) Address in EU.
Technical (NOT REQUIRED) Address in EU.
Billing (NOT REQUIRED) Address in EU.

Choose your name with Responsibility,
Names which fall into conflict with brands are Subject to further review by our team or could be escalated to our Registrar.
Branded names can be registered, but no guarantee to keep the name if the registrant fail to proof his solid connection with the domain.
In case of failure, our specialist team can provide his Conciliation Advice Plan (CAP) between the parties in conflict.
In case of rejection of our (CAP) by any of the parties in conflict the case will be escalated to our Registrar.

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